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So I know that you guys were expecting another update on a tropical paradise. Sorry, no such luck this week. This week, I’ve decided to do art instead. Normally I would put the art off and do the update first, but my current piece is under a time deadline (May 19th) as I will be entering it into a competition (which you can learn more about here).

P5110034.jpgThis is a rather larger format piece, at about 5ft tall. Medium is acrylic, the prompt is “Good vs. Evil”. I chose to use traditional western imagery to personify the concepts good and evil, and as a reference to life and death. The structure of the piece is laid out to suggest balance. The figures reflect each other, watching and weighing the situation, as long as both scales remain even they remain in balance and the weapons of combat remain at rest. I chose to posture them both similarly to Jesus on the cross representing the sacrifice each make in allowing the other to exist, the idea being without knowing your opposite you cannot know your self, and so they must both exist or both will be vanquished. A very zen idea for a very western image I think 🙂 .

So check out the gallery for this week’s update there you will find several WIP’s (Work In Progress) of my piece. Let me know what you think (Do you want to see more of my art? Do you want me to post a photo of the finished piece when I am done? Any suggestion on the piece? Do you not want to see any more art weeks?), I’m all ears. And check back next week for the Greater Abacos Update.

7 Responses to “Art Week”

  1. Jeff Cannon says:

    I am really interested in seeing an image of the finished painting. So, please post it when it’s done. It will be cool to see how you integrate the figures, both with each other and with the landscape. I like how the background already indicates a mythic environment, so appropriate for the ‘big’ theme of evil vs good. I’d be interested in seeing more of your work, when you have time and if that’s your inclination.

  2. Papa says:

    Beautiful piece – A new side of you that I didn’t know was there- quite interesting – do more

  3. Lauren Bach says:

    Nice piece and description.

  4. Ally says:

    Great work Tracy!! Hope you all are doing well:-)

  5. Eva Winters says:

    Girl YOU ROCK!! I love love love the Good vs Evil painting! Great concept and thinking. I would very much like to see more of your work. You sure do have the talent to go far! Good luck in the competition!
    See ya soon, Eva

  6. Craig Bach says:

    I love it! Looks like a winner to me. Can’t wait to see it finished, and yes, more art updates are good…

  7. Brenda Garrett says:

    Tracy – this is quite beautiful and demonstrates your broad talent and interests. Have you ever thought of doing a set of Targot cards? I know someone who has – will send you a link to his site. Show us more!

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