Art Week – The Balance

the-balance.jpgYou asked for it! Another Art Week! The finished piece entitled “The Balance”.

This is a rather larger format piece, at about 5ft tall. Medium is acrylic, the prompt is “Good vs. Evil”. I chose to use traditional western imagery to personify the concepts good and evil, and as a reference to life and death. The structure of the piece is laid out to suggest balance. The figures reflect each other, watching and weighing the situation, as long as both scales remain even they remain in balance and the weapons of combat remain at rest. I chose to posture them both similarly to Jesus on the cross representing the sacrifice each make in allowing the other to exist, the idea being without knowing your opposite you cannot know your self, and so they must both exist or both will be vanquished. A very zen idea for a very western image I think 🙂 .

So check out the gallery for this week’s update there you will find several close ups of my piece. Let me know what you think, I’m all ears.

4 Responses to “Art Week – The Balance”

  1. Eva says:

    I still say you should have won the contest!
    Your art is fabulous!!!!

  2. Wilma Bach says:

    The piece is beautiful, Tracy. I am surrounded by your artwork in the guest bedroom and everyone who comes in loves all the pieces……..some of your first through ACC. Lovely work. You are very talented and I’m so proud of you. Love you.

  3. Mimi Conroy says:

    Dear Tracy-I am moved by your art! I am 55 years old and am just learning the importance of this kind of balance. The shadow and what appears. You have grown up to be a wonderful artist and I and person. I knew you when you were so young but you all were so creative even then. Please give my love to your Mom and Dad and all. I pray good winds and grace will keep you all. Gods Peace, Mimi

  4. Shirley Lanehart says:

    Forget the ears. You are all talent. This looks like a piece that belongs in a Tarot deck. Keep going. Love you, Shirley

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