Art Week – The Balance – Photos

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  1. Shanny Lott says:

    This is such a lovely piece. So well thought out and executed. Congratulations. My question is how in the world did you manage to have such control in your work on a boat? I can barely manage it on dry land. You have to tell me your secret!

    • admin says:

      Actually I was in a friend’s guest house. The way the boat moves I probably could have done it on the boat except that it was so large, which makes it easier to be so detailed. My secret is technical study, I do them all the time, with lots of different media.

  2. chris and nabila says:

    whats cookin by da kitchen? we are in the BVI still working for Festiva, but may take a cruise back to the Med next year, where have you dropped your “pick”?

  3. terry says:

    hi, its Terry and Tony here. we used to be in the bitterenders mcc with Chris and Nabila.
    we havent heard from you in yonks..
    please get in touch, you can do this through the website guestbook if you don’t still have our details.
    All the best

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