Join our Expedition to Haiti!

Our family is very excited to announce the launch of Kai Ohana Volunteer Voyages, offering one-week volunteer vacation packages to assist on Île à Vache, Haiti this winter.

By night, guests will stay aboard the Kai Ohana just off the shore of the island, and by day they will explore and assist hands-on in several volunteer projects on the island. And we’re working with our friends at Hope for Haiti, a nonprofit organization based in Maryland that is leading these poverty alleviation efforts, so that the travelers joining our adventure will contribute both time and resources to the island.

We believe that the experience is unique because it is part Caribbean adventure, part chance to make a difference in a destination few travelers will ever see.

“We have charted a different course, so to speak. Staying true to our original mission of serving the common good of humanity, we are returning to Île à Vache to continue the work we started on the island,” said Craig. “We’re starting with the poorest place in the Western hemisphere, to make a difference in a community that desperately needs it, and to share the experience with other adventurous souls who want to explore Haiti, and support a worthwhile cause.”

Kai Ohana Volunteer Voyages is offering spots to thirty travelers this season, starting in January 2011. Contribution fees are donated directly to Hope For Haiti, providing the organization with critical funding needed to complete and sustain projects on the island.

Berths aboard the Kai Ohana are limited, so visit to see photos, maps and to schedule your trip now. Help us spread the word!

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