Alexis Bach

Alexis BachBorn in 1992, Alexis loves to swim, surf, eat chocolate, and read books about dragons, romance, action, and comedy. She is studying photography. Her favorite subjects to photograph are nature and animal life. Adventuresome, passionate, kind, thoughtful and lovable, she’s a daydreamer at heart. Not to be outdone by her brother and sisters she achieved a second-degree black in Taekwondo and would participate in the high school sailing practices. In her first Opti race she took first place. Alexis is friendly, she will talk to anyone she meets and would make a friend a day if she tried. She’s always up for anyone’s crazy idea, and often thinks up a few of her own… Even though she is the youngest person in the family, she has the ability to have razor-sharp scrutiny of all situations, which makes her a force to reckon with should she be crossed, though her demeanor is almost always one of calm consideration. She consistently proves her abilities as a young adult by understanding more of the world than others her age. Being the peacemaker, she reminds those around her to be ever light-hearted, in harmony and to enjoy the moment.

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  1. linda says:

    I am touched by you and your family’s mission it is why we exist to love and be loved

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