Preston Bach

Preston BachBorn in 1989, Preston loves the water, a true Kai Kane. He dives, fishes, surfs, and sails in competitive small boats. Austin Yacht Club awarded him the Ron W. Harden Memorial Trophy for most improved junior male sailor. He enjoys challenges, so he set his goals to achieve a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and passed the rigorous testing to become a lifeguard. When he is not doing daredevil feats like driving on-road vehicles off-road, skateboarding, or mountain biking, he is a singer and songwriter. He enjoys being with the family and his dad is his best friend. He knows what he wants, and he generally knows how to do it (or at least who to ask!). Preston’s ambition makes him a dreamer, with big ideas. Every time he turns around it seems like he’s got another great idea. He’s unbelievably practical, patient, and almost always finding a workable solution for any problem. Preston helps inspire everyone around him to greatness. He’s that brother you adore because one minute you’re ready to kill him, and the next he makes you laugh despite yourself…

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