Sara Bach

Sara BachBorn in 1990 Sara is a budding filmmaker. She constantly comes up with new and wonderful ideas that would make the world a better place. She is a controversial family figure, challenging those around her to be their best. Outspoken, creative, and energetic, she is a skilled sailor and fearless competitor. Austin Yacht Club awarded her with the Ron W. Harden Memorial Trophy for most improved female junior sailor. This is somebody you want on your team. She loves to tag along with her brother and father on their crazy daredevil adventures. When it comes to sports she is always willing to give it a try. Sara is one tough cookie and has achieved the rank of first-degree black belt in Taekwondo. She loves to sing, dance, swim, surf, skate, photograph, create art, read and learn all about life, and play volleyball. Children gravitate to Sara, because they see through her tough exterior. Because of her spirit and the determination and passion, which she goes about everything, she is often mistaken for about five years older that she really is. Given her age, she is quite capable and thoughtful, without having lost any of the innocence.

To see some of Sara’s films please visit her YouTube account.

4 Responses to “Sara Bach”

  1. Tanisha Montgomery says:

    hi. I’m tanisha, and i took a tour on your boat today.

  2. savanah says:

    hey sara its me savanah from the raw party i love how you did a funriser for that school that was really nice of you guys

  3. Alysia says:

    Nice meeting you today, quite unconventional how we met ;). Anyways, it was a pleasure and just wanted to express how awed I am about your family’s dynamic ;3

  4. julius wilson says:

    greetings sarah it been a long time since we met when i was in St Martin work on the boat it was a great experience for me.u have a great fam ,lots of love to you guys

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