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Welcome to the Kai Ohana Fund Raising Page for Ile A Vache, Haiti Why for a School on a Remote Haitian Island? Just prior to the hurricane season of 2008, and despite travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department, we sailed Kai Ohana, to the island of Ile a Vache off the southern coast […]

Haiti (Shortened Article)

In February 2008, we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime from our home of nearly two years on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies. We had spent those two years restoring a gaff-rigged ketch that would not only carry us to the four corners of the world, but also provide […]

Haiti (Full Article)

In the growing morning light we could finally start to delineate, through the marine haze, the profile of the island that we knew had been there all night, but whose presence had been eerily absent on the horizon. Though we could see the landmass on the chart plotter, there had been none of the city […]

Ile a Vache – Photos

Haiti – Video

Film of the Students of Ile A Vache who we are trying to help.
Produced by Kai Ohana.
Edited by Sara Bach.
Music by The Primitive Christian Church of Solette Choir.