San Salvador

I woke up for my watch at 4:00 A.M. to find us in the lee of San Salvador with an eight knot wind on the beam and the boat slowly progressing at one to two knots. I was sitting at the helm in the dark, studying the glow from the lights of Cockburn Town while […]

San Salavador – Photos

Adventures on San Salvador with Ken Bouquillon.

Bahamas – Video

Sara relives the fun and adventure of the Bahamas in this short, spunky video.

Virgin Gorda

I finally woke up after a two-hour nap from hell. The boat was still pitching and I decided it would take less energy to sit up at the helm and give my hallucinating father moral support than to stay in the cabin and death-grip my bed frame trying to keep me and my mattress from […]

Virgin Gorda – Photos

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