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Join our Expedition to Haiti!

Our family is very excited to announce the launch of Kai Ohana Volunteer Voyages, offering one-week volunteer vacation packages to assist on Île à Vache, Haiti this winter. By night, guests will stay aboard the Kai Ohana just off the shore of the island, and by day they will explore and assist hands-on in several […]

Charleston, SC

by Sara and Alexis Bach The voyage north from the Bahamas to Charleston ended with three solid days of non-stop cloud coverage. The clouds brought rain, wind, and waves. Finally, motoring into Charleston Harbor was a feeling of relief. It was our first time back to the United States in over two years. Just from […]

Art Week – The Balance

You asked for it! Another Art Week! The finished piece entitled “The Balance”. This is a rather larger format piece, at about 5ft tall. Medium is acrylic, the prompt is “Good vs. Evil”. I chose to use traditional western imagery to personify the concepts good and evil, and as a reference to life and death. […]

Art Week

So I know that you guys were expecting another update on a tropical paradise. Sorry, no such luck this week. This week, I’ve decided to do art instead. Normally I would put the art off and do the update first, but my current piece is under a time deadline (May 19th) as I will be […]

Greater Abacos

It is widely believed that the name for the island chain of the “Bahamas” was derived from the Spanish words “baja mar” which means “shallow seas”. So it is no mystery that the Spanish treasure fleets avoided the chain as much as our captain intended. The average depths around the individual islands are about four […]