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Greater Abacos

It is widely believed that the name for the island chain of the “Bahamas” was derived from the Spanish words “baja mar” which means “shallow seas”. So it is no mystery that the Spanish treasure fleets avoided the chain as much as our captain intended. The average depths around the individual islands are about four […]

Greater Abacos – Photos

Photos from our adventures on Virgin Gorda.

San Salvador

I woke up for my watch at 4:00 A.M. to find us in the lee of San Salvador with an eight knot wind on the beam and the boat slowly progressing at one to two knots. I was sitting at the helm in the dark, studying the glow from the lights of Cockburn Town while […]

San Salavador – Photos

Adventures on San Salvador with Ken Bouquillon.

Bahamas – Video

Sara relives the fun and adventure of the Bahamas in this short, spunky video.