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Marina Cay, BVI to Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI: March 11, 2008

Conditions Preceding Departure: High winds (15 to 25 knots) have been blowing for days, but the forecast for our departure day was 10 knots and clear skies, not the ideal conditions for our boat, but considering we had two unseasoned passengers (my mother and my nephew), it would prove to be a fine day of […]

Marina Cay

In two years of living on St. Martin, we had very few visitors from the states, but because of our work schedule, we didn’t encourage a lot of people to come and see us anyway. Once we got out on the water, however, and while we were in the Virgin Islands, we spurred my mom […]

Marina Cay – Photos

Marina Cay – Video

Film of “Happy Ahrrrr!!!” on Marina Cay.
Produced by Kai Ohana
Edited by Sara Bach.
Camera Operator: Tracy Bach.
Music preformed by Captain Micheal Beans and Preston Bach.

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI to Marina Cay, BVI: March 4, 2008

Conditions Preceding Departure: Wind has seemed to have calmed a bit from the previous months of “Christmas Winds” we had experienced on St. Martin. We’ve had a week of 10 to 15 knot trades out of the east/northeast with occasional days over 20 knots and some rain, but the weather certainly seems to be calming […]