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St. Thomas, USVI to Ile A Vache, Haiti: May 10-19, 2008

5/10/08 Saturday We left St. Thomas for Ile A Vache at 1:00pm after lunch at the fuel dock with our friends, Tom and Christie from s/v Ashlana. The wind was blowing out of the Southeast at 14 to 17 knots as we left Long Bay under a full main and the staysail. As we left […]

St. Thomas

When we arrived in St. Thomas I wasn’t doing so hot. It only took a few hours to get there from Jost Van Dyke, but that didn’t matter. It was only my second time to be out on the ocean with no islands to block the swell so I got sick once again. After we […]

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Jost Van Dyke, BVI to St. Thomas, USVI: April 15, 2008

Weather Conditions: Wind 10 knots ENE. Clear Skies. Leaving Great Harbour caused me the most apprehension I’d had about leaving an anchorage since St. Martin. I had gone through The Narrows and the Windward Pass (never a good labels to see on a chart), the Pillsbury Sound (I guess the rocks would be soft here) […]