Our Mission

We, as a united family of global citizens, have embarked upon Kai Ohana to travel the world and contribute to the global community as artists, thinkers and activists, consciously striving to make a difference in serving the common good of humanity.

Other than supporting maritime heritage and the traditions of the sea through our voyages on our traditional sailing vessel, Kai Ohana, we are collaborating in a global vision with like-minded and enlightened global citizens and organizations, through multiple media outlets, to inspire citizen action in supporting environmental and humanitarian organizations whose efforts protect the oceans, the lands and the atmosphere; who work toward the distribution of resources to the needy; who promote the equality between men and women and that of all races; who champion the health and safety of women and children; who advocate for peace; and who celebrate all those “unnamed warriors” worldwide who consistently make a positive contribution to society.

Our hope is to one day share the planet with all its citizens who live in a free, civil and environmentally sustainable society where justice, tolerance, racial and sexual equality, abundance, literacy and peace are commonplace.

“I want to fight until the day that I am no longer able. Fight for what? For the world, for life, for happiness, for fresh air, for songs, for the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea.” -Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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